Oliver Lewis, respected for his outdoor nature and adventure imagery, died in 1998, age 26, while working/playing on the Quijos River in Ecuador. This book displays his imagery and tells of his living journey. From the Ecuadorian Amazon to New York’s Adirondack Mountains, from a drop of water on a dying leaf to ethereal photos of a hang glider carving a loop high above the Santa Barbara landscape, Oliver’s work brings us into a world of sublime natural beauty where man’s relative insignificance stands next to the earth’s sacred power. His photos share space with writings from great scribes and stories of the photographer as told by friends to form a stunning volume. Humorous, inspiring and filled with provocative content, this book celebrates a tremendous artist through his work and the stirring memories of those who had the privilege of knowing him well. Read more to learn about the Oliver and the 2LIV project.